The more things change….

…the more they change. That sure seemed to be the case this last week while out fishing. We’re kind of used to things staying the same for a while in the canal system, and things can be predictable at times. Not lately, however. I was out a few weeks ago and really struggled. Caught a few fish, but not the fish I was after. So this past week when Nebraska Fisheries Biologist Daryl Bauer joined me in the Crestliner, I tried a few new things and areas, and it paid off nicely.

I’ll admit that there are times when I’m bad about doing the same things I’ve always done because it catches fish. But what happens when it doesn’t? I was faced with this problem earlier in the year when our water temps just seemed to stay cold and never warm up. I tried to adjust and adapt, and it did work…somewhat. Now faced with this same problem again and fishing an area I usually don’t fish much this time of year, it was time to try to figure things out yet again.

Nice thing is, it paid off again, and better than earlier in the year. The biggest thing I changed was looking for food. It’s taken me a while to learn in a few different areas, but I found that in this particular area, it’s important to find the grocery store. Because when you do, the fish are not far away. Sometimes we’ve had to wait for them to start feeding, but when they do, you wanna be there.

The shad in the canal this year have exploded, it seems. This is a very good thing and creates a good fishery with large fish. The canal fits this description. We were able to catch some nice walleyes, saugers, and flatheads in the 3 days we spent on the canal. Throw in a few channel cats and crappies, and you are kept busy.

So, this time of year, if you remember anything, make it ‘find the food’. Once you do that, it’s only a matter of time before you start reelin’ em in.DSCF1829

Brian Robinson

About Brian Robinson

Overton, NE I'm Brian Robinson from central Nebraska, and the outdoors, particularly fishing, has been my lifestyle my entire life. I was lucky enough to be raised by parents and extended family who all enjoyed fishing, and that won't change anytime soon. Providing has always been a theme in our family. Whether it be clearing out the garage for a fish fry or telling stories at a birthday party, we all do it together. If it swims, I fish for it. From walleyes to wipers, saugers to flatheads, they're all fair game. If I'm able to help someone else learn about Providing, I'm always willing to do so. Enjoying the outdoor lifestyle is what it's all about!
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